Welcome to IJRCAE

IJRCAE : International Journal of Research in Civil and Architectural Engineering is an international peer reviewed, open access, online journal published by Yuva Engineers for professionals and researchers in various disciplines of Engineering and Technology.

IJRCAE is an is a science and Technology enrichment initiative designed for professionals & Researchers across the world. IJRCAE’s goal is to inspire young engineers and professionals to develop an interest in research and development, in doing so, recognise the importance and excitement of engineering, technology & management for the upliftment of entire Mankind.

IJRCAE solicits innovative research papers on the Engineering and Technological issues of the modern day world. The initiative brings together academic, industry, and students to a single-path, highly selective forum on the design, implementation, and applications of engineering.

IJRCAE takes a broad view of Engineering to include any ideas that collectively addresses a challenge. We invite submissions covering a broad range of Engineering streams including conventional Civil Engineering, Computational Modelling Exercises,Surveying, Geology, Fieldwork, Dynamics, Materials, Statics, Water Resources, Transportation, Bridges, Structures, Thermodynamics And Engineering Skills.

You can be an Electronics engineering Professional/Researcher but you have an idea in Civil Engineering, you are most welcomed to submit your idea. We are not restricting authors on the stream they belong to. Any one can submit paper on any topic he/she wish to. Authors can submit more than one paper, but has to submit separately. Multiple Authors can submit one paper as well.

Policy Of the Journal:  Submitted papers should be original and must have not been published nor submitted for review/publication to any other editorial. Please do not copy from Internet and submit them. We don’t encourage any kind of plagiarism. Try to put articles in your own words. Give credits and references to original authors and researchers where ever necessary.

The Features and Benefits of IJRCAE:

1. Fair and Transparent procedure procedure for publication of papers.

2. We follow Proper Peer review process and Editorial and Professional Ethics.

3. Each article/Paper will be published In the PDF version of Online Journal of IJRCAE. This paper may also be published in other associated Journals.

4. Permanent and Direct Link of your paper IJRCAE, So that you can share the link on your Linked, Facebook, Twitter etc pages to showoff to the world.

5. IJRCAE Provides Individual “Hardcopy of Certificate of Publication” to each author of the published paper.

6. IJRCAE is indexed in all major Indexing sites and databases.

7. Open access and free for anyone to view and download without registering.

8. The Most popular and widely read “Yuva Engineers” Monthly Print Magazine is our parent Publication. Selected Papers of the IJRCAE will be published in the print version aswell.